The FreedÔm Generation Pranic Process

They make the Experience of being perfectly nourished without eating and sometimes even without drinking, for months, years, decades... !!! I have been on this path too for 2 years and it simply is wonderful to live this new way of existence ! (food is no longer a necessity !)


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Since 2011, FreedÔm Generation (FG) likes to work with freedom on lighting up and communicating about the Pranic subject in the world. 

This to accompany the Pranic manifestation of humanity, in the best conditions for all. 

The direction is towards global health, well-being, freedom, durable and growing, as transmitted by FG since its creation.

Several terms are used to name this topic : 

Pranic, Pranism, Breatharian, Breatharianism, Inedia, Inedian, Living from/on Energy/Light/Prana, and even more according to perspectives.

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FreedÔm Generation TV (FG TV) is the Youtube video-channel of FreedÔm Generation. 

There you can discover over 100 cutting-edge videos, of a large lightening diversity, created with worldwide participants.

You can also subscribe to the TV and thus join The FreedÔm Generation this way : 5600+ subscribers.

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To ease everyone's Freedom-Growth, FG has created the concept of : 

FreedÔm Generation Process.

It integrates 2 aspects :

1) The first aspect is called : GO PROCESS. 

It is a simple and entertaining system, a healthy and pleasant game, accessible to all, the one of a "beneficial daily habit".

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2) The second aspect is the community network of transformational meetings and sharings of The FreedÔm Generation, called : BREATHARIAN GENERATION (BG).

It allows you a harmonious global Pranic metamorphosis, in continuous progress and together, no matter your current reality.

This at your unique rythm in everything, for your well-being. 

Totally new on the planet at its opening, just like FG TV, BG is the Pranic process for all, based on the power of the group.An Oasis of Light for The FreedÔm Generation.

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This FreedÔm Generation special pioneer gathering allows you to light yourself up abondantly on your Pranic questions (what is it, why, how, ...) and it participates in accompanying you in your continuous living Freedom-Expansion (global Well-Being, peace, joy), in harmony, thanks to the connection, the cooperation and the experience of the community of forerunners and visionaries : 

The FreedÔm Generation / The FreedÔm Generators.

"A large and essential lightening diversity" 

Welcome ~

Love & Gratitude